What Went Wrong with Economics
The flawed assumptions that led economists astray
A book by Michael Reiss Ph.D.

      ‘Contains loads of ideas, perceptions and good sense’
               Jim Bourlet, Hon. Secretary to the Economic Research Council      
     ‘Full of good insights.’
                Paul Grignon, creator of the ‘Money as Debt’ Trilogy
      ‘Very clear and accessible’
                Ben Dyson, founder of PositiveMoney.org.uk

In April 2007, a report produced by the International Monetary Fund concluded that the world economy was in great shape only for the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression to hit just months later. How could economists have got it so wrong?

When engineers try to understand complex systems, they are forced to make simplifying assumptions. Sadly if these are flawed, no amount of mathematical wizardry will repair the damage. This book examines the possibility that the problem with economics stems from flawed assumptions. It appears that mainstream economics set off on the wrong foot.

This book uncovers many such flaws and shows how the resulting bad economic theories have devastating consequences.

Dr Michael Reiss shows how, with more realistic assumptions, economics, and our economic system, can be rescued.

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